Meals on board a luxury charter yacht can be a really rewarding and enjoyable part of your holiday: on sailing yacht NOHeea guests can eat healthy, tasty and delight with a very high quality food!

Sy NOHeea chef has a creative approach to food and an eye for details. She mastered the art of fresh bread, focaccia, smocked cured salmon, home made pasta and gnocchi, pastries, jam and cakes; continuing to perfectioning her knowledge of everything related to healty food and is specializated in Italian and Mediteranean cuisine but can realize specific dishes for our guests including the particular varieties of diets (vegetarian, kosher, asian etc etc).

The chef chooses fresh local ingredients and innovative cooking tecniques such as wipe sifon, smoking gun and low temperature cooking. Through Sousvide tecnique the food maintains all its organoleptic properties keeping most of its liquids inside: the results is a great juiciness and flavor.

The choice to charter sailing yacht NOHeea will give you and your guests an incredible and sensorial food experience at sea!

In the gallery below there are just some example of the dishes our chef prepare for our guests. A sample menù will be published soon.

  • Tuna and mango tartare with his emulsion
  • Our special cured and smocked salmon (made on board)
  • Eggs Benedicte
  • Greek salad
  • Avocado dressed salad in his skin
  • Diced avocado and cured salmon salad
  • Sousvide octopus salad
  • Caesar salad with sousvide chicken breast
  • Citrus fruits “Risotto” with raw shrimps quenelle
  • Creamy “Risotto” with pumpkin and flowers
  • Bread and buckwheat “Focaccia” with cherry tomatoes
  • Eggplant and basil “Panzerotto”
  • Hand made “Gnocchi” with claims, broccoli and confit cherry tomatoes
  • Cuttlefish black “Spaghetti”
  • “Fettucce” with prawns and confit cherry tomatoes
  • “Tagliatelle” with squid and asparagus (one with asparagus emulsion on bottom)
  • “Caserecce” with sauteed mussels and “Scamorza” leaking
  • Cous cous with code, leeks, raisin and pine nut
  • “Beccafico” sardines
  • Stuffed cuttlefish and rocket salad
  • Stuffed squid with steamed cauliflower
  • Fruits salad
  • Almonds cake
  • Lemon curdy with blackberries and sifonate greek yougurt
  • Quejadinha (Brazilian cake)
  • Crispy almonds with vanilla ice cream quenelle
  • Puffy Pastry roses stuffed with baked apple and cinamon
  • Red fruits “Bavarese” with Berries